Sun 18.04 — 20:15 Hathor Consort & Lieselot De Wilde: 'Saints and Sinners'
Saints and Sinners - Women between heaven and earth

In history books, female composers appear to be a rare species. But nothing could be further from the truth in 17th century Italy.

Together with the soprano Lieselot De Wilde, the Hathor Consort explores the most beautiful songs from the oeuvre of Italian female composers, in which both love and devotion move the listener.

Women at the writing table

In 17th-century Italy, liberal Florence was one of the islands where men and women were treated as equals. Female patrons encouraged composers such as Francesca Caccini to develop their extraordinary talent.

Another place where women wrote music was the monastery. The nun Claudia Sessa channeled her compositional talent into mystical songs such as "Occhi io vissi di voi," in which she worships the delightful eyes of Christ.

Barbara Strozzi was also an exceptionally gifted singer-composer, but she had to do without a monastery or a wealthy sponsor. Her turbulent life was constantly balancing between the artistic environment and prostitution, which is reflected in her extremely theatrical and sensitive music.

Lieselot De Wilde (soprano) en Hathor Concert met Lidewij Vander Voort, Annelies Decock (violin), Bart Jacobs (harpsichord, organ), Romina Lischka (bass viol, artistic direction)

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